Welcome to Giavapps!

GiavappsThe name comes from a pun: Giava (Java) Apps (Applications) is an indie software house project started in 2012.

The main idea behind Giavapps was creating Apps exclusively for Android devices.

After a few years of development in Java and thousands of downloads for our apps on Google PlayCopyrights © Google, We are very glad to let you know that now we can produce for different platforms thanks to GameMaker: StudioCopyright © YoYo Games Ltd..

We’ve upgraded the website so now you can easily navigate through the Main Menu and discover all our Projects.



About Us


Luigi Piscopo

(Chief Executive Officer)

Luigi Piscopo is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Giavapps. He is also known as DJ GiDeejay / Producer / Remixer in the music world. Luigi is a Producer and also a well known Developer. He is the mind behind Giavapps productions.

“Knowing your limits is the first step for overcoming them!” – Luigi Piscopo

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