Welcome to Giavapps!

GiavappsThe name comes from a pun: Giava (Java) Apps (Applications) is an indie software house project started in 2012.

The main idea behind Giavapps was creating Apps exclusively for Android devices.

After a few years of development in Java and thousands of downloads for our apps on Google PlayCopyrights © Google, We started producing for various platforms thanks to GameMaker: StudioCopyright © YoYo Games Ltd. and the latest GameMaker: Studio 2Copyright © YoYo Games Ltd..



About Us


Luigi Piscopo


Luigi Piscopo is the founder and creator of Giavapps. He is also known as DJ GiDeejay / Producer / Remixer in the music world. Luigi is a Producer and also a well known Developer. He is the mind behind Giavapps productions.

“Knowing your limits is the first step for overcoming them!” – Luigi Piscopo

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