Valor Hunters: The Realm Of Vevia


The Game Project


Valor Hunters: The Realm Of Vevia is a 2D Action Platformer inspired by Sega Genesis and Playstation titles.

This game will be available for Windows and macOS platforms in Italian and English languages.


Because of the great amount of work, the poor interest from the public and the lack of funds for the project, the development of Valor Huntes: The Realm Of Vevia has been suspended! However, this page will remain active because the project could be resumed in the future.


The Story


This adventure takes place in the wastelands of the realm of Vevia.

Zhotan (the protagonist) is a lonely hunter looking for the essence of power: the Valor Stones, enchanted stones, giving extraordinary skills to their possessors.

All those who crave power have been banned from the realm and nicknamed Valor Hunters.



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You can follow the development of this game on Twitter, YouTube or DiscordAccess to our Discord Server is reserved exclusively to users who contribute financially to our crowdfunding campaign..



Support This Project


Luigi is the only developer working at Giavapps at the moment.

He has different skills (art, animation, music, programming etc.) but one of the biggest obstacles for an independent (solo) developer is that they have low budget and they can’t do everything by themselves.

With your help and the funds provided:

  • He could stop looking for freelance jobs and continue devoting a lot of time to develop this game.
  • He could buy new software licenses and target more platforms (like mobile platforms or console platforms).
  • He could hire professionals for game content (mainly Translators and Voice Actors).
  • He could be able to hire more professionals like Artists, Composers and Sound Designers etc. for achieving better results, different styles and/or splitting the work.



  • Gain access to our Discord Server and our exclusive content.
  • Follow all the latest news on the development of the game.
  • Test prototypes and get early-access to demos.
  • Chat with the developer of the game.
  • You may upgrade to Pre-Order package at any time for the difference in price.


Valor Hunters: The Realm Of Vevia (Early-Access)  





  • Get all previous rewards.
  • Pre-Order the game.


Valor Hunters: The Realm Of Vevia (Pre-Order)  




  • Get all previous rewards.
  • Promotion of your company logo with a link to your website through Giavapps website.
  • Promotion of your company logo inside the game.


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I am Luigi Piscopo, also known as DJ GiDeejay / Producer / Remixer in the music world. I am a Producer with a lot of experience in photo editing, video editing, audio editing, graphic design, web design, programming and promotion.

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