Utility – Giavapps ProAudio

pa_portaudio_version() Retrieves the release number of the currently running PortAudio build.


pa_portaudio_version_string() Retrieves a textual description of the current PortAudio build.


pa_libsndfile_version_string() Returns the libsndfile version string.


pa_error_string(ErrorCode) Translate the supplied error code into a human readable message.

ErrorCode: error code.


pa_sample_format_size(SampleFormat) Returns the size in bytes of a single sample in the specified format.

SampleFormat: sample format flag.

SampleFormat can be one of the following values:

PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_FLOAT32 32-bit float format. (4 bytes)

PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_INT32 32-bit signed integer format. (4 bytes)

PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_INT24 24-bit signed integer format. (3 bytes)

PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_INT16 16-bit signed integer format. (2 bytes)

PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_INT8 8-bit signed integer format. (1 byte)

PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_UINT8 8-bit unsigned integer format. (1 byte)


pa_shell_execute(Command) Executes a shell command. The calling process waits for the shell to finish executing the command.

Command: string with a shell command.


pa_file_exists(FileName) Returns true if the specified file exists and false if it does not. This function is not sandboxed so it is more reliable than file_exists() function included in GameMaker: Studio.

FileName: the name of the file.


Code Examples


Checking PortAudio Version


show_message("VERSION: "+string(pa_portaudio_version())
+"#VERSION STRING: "+pa_portaudio_version_string()


Getting Sample Format Size


show_message("UINT8: "+string(pa_sample_format_size(PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_UINT8))
+"#INT8: "+string(pa_sample_format_size(PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_INT8))
+"#INT16: "+string(pa_sample_format_size(PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_INT16))
+"#INT24: "+string(pa_sample_format_size(PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_INT24))
+"#INT32: "+string(pa_sample_format_size(PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_INT32))
+"#FLOAT32: "+string(pa_sample_format_size(PA_SAMPLE_FORMAT_FLOAT32))


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