RtMidi.Output.Message Class


About RtMidi.Output.Message Class


RtMidi.Output.Message class is mainly used for sending MIDI Messages to MIDI Output devices.


RtMidi.Output.Message Class Methods


RtMidi.Output.Message.Clear() clears the MIDI Message Buffer. This function removes all bytes previously stored in the MIDI Message Buffer.


RtMidi.Output.Message.Size() returns the amount of bytes stored in the MIDI Message Buffer.


RtMidi.Output.Message.Byte( byte Byte ) Adds one byte to the MIDI Message Buffer.

byte Byte: value from 0 to 255.


RtMidi.Output.Message.Send() sends the MIDI Message Buffer previously created with RtMidi.Output.Message.* functions to the open MIDI Output device.


Code Example

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using Giavapps.MIDI;

public class CodeExample : MonoBehaviour

void Awake()
RtMidi.Initialize();///Initializes RtMidi
RtMidi.Output.Device.Open(0);//Opens the first MIDI Output Device ("Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" by default on Windows)

void Update()

//Checks if space key is pressed
RtMidi.Output.Message.Clear();//Clears the MIDI Message buffer
RtMidi.Output.Message.Byte(144);//Adds one byte to the MIDI Message buffer
RtMidi.Output.Message.Byte(60);//Adds one byte to the MIDI Message buffer
RtMidi.Output.Message.Byte(100);//Adds one byte to the MIDI Message buffer
RtMidi.Output.Message.Send();//Sends the MIDI Message to the MIDI Output Device


void OnApplicationQuit()
RtMidi.Deinitialize();//Deinitializes RtMidi



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