MIDI Utility – Giavapps MIDI

midi_note_name(NoteNumber) Returns a string with the name of the given note number.

NoteNumber: note number (0127).


midi_instrument_name(InstrumentNumber) Returns a string with the name of the given instrument number.

InstrumentNumber: instrument number (0127).


midi_tempo_to_bpm(Microseconds) Converts the given tempo value (in microseconds) into BPM (Beats Per Minute).

Microseconds: tempo value (in microseconds).


midi_bpm_to_tempo(BeatsPerMinute) Converts the given BPM (Beats Per Minute) value into tempo value (in microseconds).

BeatsPerMinute: beats per minute.


Code Examples


Getting MIDI Note And Instrument Names


show_message(”10 – “+midi_instrument_name (10));//10 – Music box
show_message(”60 – “+midi_note_name (60));//60 – C5


Converting Tempo to BPM And Vice Versa


show_message(”BPM: "+string(midi_tempo_to_bpm (500000)));//BPM: 120
show_message(”Tempo: "+string(midi_bpm_to_tempo(120)));//Tempo: 500000


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