Giavapps Windows API



Giavapps Windows API (for GMS 1.4 and GMS 2)


This extension allows you to use Windows APIWindows Application Programming Interface so you can develop real Windows User Interfaces with GameMaker Studio and GameMaker Studio 2.

Giavapps Windows API works exclusively on Windows since it implements native Windows Controls.

But, Giavapps Windows API is not just a wrapper libraryWrapper libraries consist of a thin layer of code which translates a library's existing interface into a compatible interface.Tooltip Text!

Thanks to its solid structure developed by Luigi PiscopoHe is the same developer behind the LPWinAPI.gex!, this extension is going to bring you the easiest solution for handling Windows API inside your GameMaker: Studio Projects.

A general knowledge of the Game Maker Language is still required, but you will not need to take care about writing a lot of boring line of codes like you would normally do in C++ for:

  • Registering the main Window Class.
  • Character conversion to UnicodeLPWinAPI didn't support Unicode characters. wide character format.
  • Freeing memoryPlease note that in some cases you will still need to manually free resources... used.
  • Initialization functions.
  • And a lot more!


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Global Control Functions

  • Control (GiavappsControl.dll, GiavappsControl.gml)



  • Button (GiavappsButton.dll, GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Combo Box (GiavappsComboBox.dll, GiavappsComboBox.gml, GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Edit (GiavappsEdit.dll)
  • IP Address (GiavappsIPAddress.dll)
  • List Box (GiavappsListBox.dll, GiavappsListBox.gml)
  • List-View (GiavappsListView.dll, GiavappsListView.gml)
  • Month Calendar (GiavappsMonthCalendar.dll)
  • Progress Bar (GiavappsProgressBar.dll)
  • Scroll Bar (GiavappsScrollBar.dll)
  • Static (GiavappsStatic.dll, GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Status Bar (GiavappsStatusBar.dll, GiavappsStatusBar.gml, GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Tab (GiavappsTab.dll, GiavappsTab.gml, GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Tooltip (GiavappsTooltip.dll, GiavappsTooltip.gml)
  • Trackbar (GiavappsTrackbar.dll, GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Tree-View (GiavappsTreeView.dll, GiavappsTreeView.gml)
  • Up-Down (GiavappsUpDown.dll)
  • Window (GiavappsWindow.dll, GiavappsWindow.gml)





  • Cursor (GiavappsCursor.dll, GiavappsResource.dll)
  • Keyboard (GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Menu (GiavappsMenu.dll, GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Mouse (GiavappsWindow.dll)
  • Resource (GiavappsResource.dll, GiavappsResource.gml)
  • Shell (GiavappsShell.dll)
  • Taskbar (GiavappsTaskbar.dll, GiavappsTaskbar.gml, GiavappsWindow.dll)




Giavapps Windows API is available on GameMaker: Marketplace!






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