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Giavapps MIDI (for Unity)


Giavapps MIDI extension for Unity (developed and produced by Luigi PiscopoHe is the same developer of the Giavapps Windows API, Giavapps MIDI, Giavapps ProAudio, Giavapps CC, Giavapps File, Giavapps 3D, Giavapps Controller and Giavapps Lens Flare extensions for GameMaker: Studio!) is going to bring you a full set of features for detecting and communicating with MIDI Input and MIDI Output devices!

MIDIMusical Instrument Digital Interface is a technical standard that describes a protocol, digital interface and connectors and allows a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers and other related devices to connect and communicate with one another.

Giavapps MIDI implements native Windows API and works primarily on Windows.

Giavapps MIDI also includes support for the RtMidi library and its features work on both Windows and Mac OS X.


Key Features


  • Detect and retrieve informations about connected MIDI Input and MIDI Output devices.
  • Receive MIDI Messages from MIDI Input devices.
  • Send custom MIDI Messages to MIDI Output devices.
  • Support for any MIDI Message Type (including System Exclusive, Timing and Active Sensing MIDI Messages).
  • Play external MIDI files.
  • Includes support for MCIThe Media Control Interface (MCI) provides standard commands for playing multimedia devices and recording multimedia resource files. commands.
  • Includes support for RtMidiRtMidi is a set of C++ classes that provides a common API for realtime MIDI input/output. library.
  • Well documented, well structured, easy to use, faster, cross-platform and very lightweight extension.


This documentation shows the features of the current latest version of Giavapps MIDI extension for Unity 2017.2 but you may still get an older version with a different documentation from the Unity Asset Store due to delay times for version approval.




GiavappsMIDI.cs (C# Script) (All)


GiavappsMIDI_Midi.cs (C# Script) (Windows)


GiavappsMIDI_Mci.cs (C# Script) (Windows)


GiavappsMIDI_RtMidi.cs (C# Script) (Windows / Mac OS X)


Third Party Source


Giavapps MIDI is available on Unity Asset Store!






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I am Luigi PiscopoFeel free to follow me on Instagram!, also known as DJ GiDeejay / Producer / Remixer in the music world. I am the Producer, Core Developer, Founder and Creator of GiavappsGiavapps is an indie software house

project started in 2012.

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