Giavapps File


Giavapps File

Giavapps File (developed and produced by Luigi PiscopoHe is the same developer of the Giavapps Windows API, Giavapps MIDI, Giavapps ProAudio, Giavapps CC and Giavapps 3D extensions for GameMaker: Studio!) provides a set of non-sandboxed and cross-platform File functions for GameMaker Studio and GameMaker Studio 2.

This Extension includes support for reading and writing Text Files and Buffersfile_bin_* functions are old, slow and deprecated: for binary reading and writing you should definitely use Buffers instead..

Giavapps File works exclusively on Windows and Mac OS X.

Key Features

  • Support for reading and writing Text Files with Unicode characters.
  • Support for loading and saving Buffers.
  • Support for Searching Files (Windows only).
  • Functions for Copying, Deleting and other common File functions.
  • Includes support for executing Shell Commands.
  • Well documented, inexpensive, easy to use, lightweight and cross-platform.




Giavapps File

  • File (WindowsGiavappsFile.dll, Mac OS XGiavappsFile.dylib)
  • File Text (WindowsGiavappsFile.dll, Mac OS XGiavappsFile.dylib)
  • File Find (WindowsGiavappsFile.dll)
  • Buffer (WindowsGiavappsFile.dll
    , Mac OS XGiavappsFile.dylib
  • Shell (WindowsGiavappsFile.dll, Mac OS XGiavappsFile.dylib)




Giavapps File is available on GameMaker: Marketplace!






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I am Luigi Piscopo, also known as DJ GiDeejay / Producer / Remixer in the music world. I am a Producer with a lot of experience in photo editing, video editing, audio editing, graphic design, web design, programming and promotion.


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