Giavapps Amplitude


Giavapps Amplitude

Giavapps Amplitude (created and produced by Luigi PiscopoAlso known as DJ Gi in the music world, he is the mind behind Giavapps productions.) is a very innovative Audio Editing Software born to bring you the full control over each single SamplePCM (Pulse-code modulation) data. of your Audio Files.


Luigi Piscopo


A lot of Audio Plugins and Digital Audio Workstations of today try imitating analog gear’s behaviour. These tools are amazing but the most of them add noise, tails and distortion to the signal but also another enemy which is “randomness”. I think we’re losing the most powerful concept behind Digital Audio which is “precision”. This is why I felt the need of a tool like Giavapps Amplitude: now I can have the full control over each single peak of my samples, loops and tracks!


Giavapps Amplitude is powered by the graphical engine of GameMaker: StudioCopyright © 2013-2015 YoYo Games Ltd. plus the superb
Giavapps Windows APIWindows User Interface Extension for GameMaker: Studio. and Giavapps ProAudioAudio Extension for GameMaker: Studio. extensions to bring you the best editing experience possible.

Giavapps Amplitude is available exclusively on Windows operative systems at the moment.



Key Features





Giavapps Amplitude


External Sample Editor


Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 256MB graphics.



We accept payments exclusively through Paypal. Once you purchased this product we need to manually verify your payment (this process may take up to 24-48 hours). Then you will receive an email with your personal Product KeyThe Product Key is your license key necessary for the activation of the sofware. PLEASE NOTE: the Product Key is valid for one computer only.

Before purchasing ensure that you comply with our EULAEnd User Licence Agreement.


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Version: 1.0.3






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I am Luigi Piscopo, also known as DJ GiDeejay / Producer / Remixer in the music world. I am a Producer with a lot of experience in photo editing, video editing, audio editing, graphic design, web design, programming and promotion.

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