Giavapps 3D Converter


Giavapps 3D Converter


Giavapps 3D Converter software converts multiple Wavefront (*.OBJ) text files (exported from Blender) into one binary  Giavapps 3D (*.G3D) file format.


Giavapps 3D (*.G3D) files can be imported inside GameMaker: Studio with Giavapps 3D Extension as Animated or Static Models.


Suzanne With Giavapps 3D Shader


Downloading Giavapps 3D Converter


You can download Giavapps 3D Converter software by calling the function g3d_software_converter().

This will open a web page where you can download the software.


Giavapps 3D Converter software is exclusively for customers who bought
Giavapps 3D Extension.


Using Giavapps 3D Converter


Basically you just need to copy all the frames exported from Blender inside the OBJ folder (situated in the same location of the executable)


Animation Frames OBJ


Then run Giavapps 3D Converter.exe app which will convert all the .OBJ files into one Giavapps 3D (*.G3D) file.


Giavapps 3D Converter


Once the conversion is finished you can locate the new generated file inside the G3D folder (situated in the same location of the executable).


Animation G3D File

.OBJ files must have the same number of data (vertices, texture coordinates and normals) otherwise Giavapps 3D Converter will not be able to convert your files.


Preparing .OBJ Files For Giavapps 3D Converter


Before exporting your Animation from Blender you must:

  • UV Map your 3D Model for exporting texture coordinates.
  • Add a Triangulate modifier to your 3D Model before the Armature modifier.


Triangulate Modifier


Any other modifier of your choice should be placed before the Triangulate modifier.

Once done that, you’re ready to export your Animation.

The order of the modifiers is important like the Export .OBJ Settings otherwise you may see graphical glitches when loading the Giavapps 3D (*.G3D) file in GameMaker: Studio.


Export .OBJ Settings

From the Main Menu select File > Export > Wavefront (.obj)


OBJ Export Settings For Giavapps 3D


Forward: -X Forward (Recommended).
Up: Z Up (Recommended)
Selection Only: exports only the selection. (Optional).
Animation: exports all frames as .OBJ files. (Required for Giavapps 3D (*.G3D) Animated Models)
Apply Modifiers: applies modifiers added to your 3D Models. (Required)
Write Normals: writes normal data. (Required)
Include UVs: writes texture coordinates. (Required)
Triangulate Faces: triangulates the faces. (Required)
Keep Vertex Order: keeps the order of the vertices. (Required)
Deselect all other settings and then click on Export OBJ button.
You could also save a preset if you don’t like repeating these steps all the time.

Fixing the Texture for GameMaker: Studio

Lastly, you need flipping horizontally and vertically the Texture exported from Blender otherwise GameMaker: Studio will not draw it correctly on the model.


You can do it with the Image Editor of GameMaker: Studio by selecting Transform > Mirror/Flip… from the menu.


gamemaker mirror flip image


Giavapps 3D Converter v1.0.1 should flip texture coordinates automatically so you do not need mirroring or flipping your texture.


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