Darkside Killer


The Game



Darkside Killer is a 2D Action Platformer game.

Hopefully this game will be released for Windows platform (and maybe ported on more platforms in the future).


This game is still Work In Progress and any info provided on this page may be subject to change in the future.


Follow This Project



You can follow and support the development of this game on Twitter, Discord or through the official devlog page available exclusively on Game Jolt website.


About Giavapps



Giavapps is an indie software house project started in 2012.

Giavapps produces Applications, Extensions and Games for various platforms.


The Developer



Luigi Piscopo is the founder and creator of Giavapps.

Luigi is the only developer working at Giavapps at the moment.


I am Luigi Piscopo, also known as DJ GiDeejay / Producer / Remixer in the music world. I am a Producer with a lot of experience in photo editing, video editing, audio editing, graphic design, web design, programming and promotion.

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