Colorful Dino



The Game


Colorful DinoA game by Giavapps! is a 2D Puzzle Platformer and Multiplayer game inspired by the classic video games of the 90sDo you remember?

Those good times when players

were having fun by simply challenging

each other to beat the best score...

Good times!

The whole game features the original Dino character created by @ScissorMarksCheck his Twitter for more!.

Asset re-coloring, further editing, effects, graphics, animations, musics, sounds and programming were made by the developer of the game: Luigi PiscopoLuigi is the creator of Giavapps!.


The game is distributed through website.
For more information, please visit the Colorful Dino page
you find on


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You can follow and support the development of this game on TwitterHere you will find some new Colorful Dino pics!, DiscordHere you can get in touch with the developer!, Game JoltHere you will find Devlog posts! and ItchHere you will find Devlog posts too!.


About Giavapps



Giavapps is an indie software house project started in 2012.

Giavapps produces Applications, Extensions and Games for various platforms.


About The Developer



Luigi Piscopo is the founder and creator of Giavapps.

Luigi is the only developerHe takes care of everything:

from graphics to music to programming!
working on Giavapps projects at the moment.


Additional Credits


The in-game font, some fruits and backgrounds are derivated works from original assets made by @hi_PixelFrogCheck his Twitter for more!.

Some sounds and voiceovers are from original assets released by @KenneyNLCheck his Twitter for more!.

The voiceovers are from @easymediaCheck her Fiverr for more!.



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